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Squarespace is a popular tool for creating sites, but it is not always clear how to raise a site created on Squarespace in the Google ranking. The platform, however, offers many SEO features. If you know where to look for them and how to use them, you can do a lot to improve your ranking.

These five tips will help you get the most out of the platform’s features, improve your site’s SEO and Google’s ranking.

Tip # 1: Choose a template based on function, not design

The webdesign in website creation

Templates determine the structure, layout and format of the site. Squarespace offers a large selection of templates. And pulls to choose one of them, based solely on the appearance and design. Caution, you are making a mistake .

Due to the fact that the template determines the organization of content on the site, it plays a significant role in SEO. The site rating directly depends on how easy it is for Google’s algorithms to recognize the information presented on the site. In other words, if Google considers that the site is confusing and does not contain valuable information, it will lower it in the search, and no amazing appearance of the site will save .

Squarespace helps make your website intuitive for users by categorizing templates like Fashion and Beauty, Music, and Photography. Make no mistake – these categories mean a lot more for certain types of content than just a view. Templates are designed to clearly represent Google’s content in a particular genre .

For example, if you are creating a blog, you might want to use a template with a large number of images on the main page, because it will attract readers. But if these images overshadow the headings of publications, Google might think that the images are more important than the text of the blog, and it will appear in the ranking below other blogs of similar subjects.

Compared to competitors such as Wix and WordPress, Squarespace templates are considered some of the most beautiful and easy to use. But don’t let beauty get in the way of SEO. You are not required to limit your choices to templates in the category that best describes your site. However, if you select a template outside of your category, make sure that its organizational structure matches the type of content you are creating .

Tip # 2: Add Keywords, Tags, and Descriptions to ALL

Once you have decided on the template, the next step is to explain the essence of your site to Google as accessible as possible. The more information you give the algorithm, the higher your search engine ranking will be. To do this, you need to mark the content in as much detail as possible , indicating its subject relevance .

Here Squarespace often lags behind other site designers. Many users have problems adding metadata , and some complain that they had to edit the theme code to add metadata for SEO.

However, Squarespace has many features that you can use for search engine optimization of keywords, tags, and descriptions:

Squarespace SEO: 5 tips to help you get better in Google rankings
  • Firstly, the option “Page configuration ” in the settings gives you the opportunity to create headings and descriptions for each individual page on the site . This allows you to tell Google exactly what you want it to know about which keywords and topics the page is relevant to search.
  • Secondly, there is the possibility of adding SEO headings to the text. When you create a blog post, whitepaper, landing page, etc., it is not enough to correctly line up the text with logical headers and subheadings. You need to specifically represent the internal structure of Google text. People will understand that a larger heading is a heading, but Google will not. You must label the headers with tags like <H1>, Squarespace has a text editor for this.
  • Thirdly, Squarespace helps you correctly label the contents of an image . As with textual content, Google will not know that you have posted a useful infographic or a beautiful photo if you do not tell him about it. Squarespace will help you with this by suggesting a name for each image. Make sure that your selected titles contain keywords and topics that your text will be searched for .

Tip # 3: Talking URLs

Internet Tips: Understanding URLs - YouTube

Web pages and site content are not the only places where you can post descriptive information about the site. URLs are another data point that Google uses to determine the relevance and therefore the ranking of a site in a search engine. Automatically generated URLs often do not indicate keywords or topics that they cover in a simple and understandable way for Google.

For example, if you are blogging, the post title becomes part of the URL. But the title may have many unnecessary words, and the keywords and topics discussed in the post may not even be mentioned in it.

Fortunately, Squarespace has a feature that allows you to fully customize the URLs of the pages on your site . Thanks to it, you can embed keywords and page theme directly in the URL.

Tip # 4: Use Data to Customize SEO

Council Post: Four Reasons Why You Need To Customize Your SEO Strategy

Setting up search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Once your site is up and running with the right layout, keywords, and URLs, you can use Squarespace’s analytic tools to monitor progress and make continuous improvements.

Squarespace SEO: 5 tips to help you get better in Google rankings

One example of this is Squarespace’s referral data, which tells you where your site visitors came from , breaking traffic through channels. Google will take into account the amount of traffic your site has for ranking. If you notice that you get more traffic from a particular social network channel, you can increase the proportion of content sent to this channel as part of an SEO strategy. Thus, you will increase traffic and further increase the ranking of the site.

Tip # 5: Make Friends With Google Search Bots

6 Steps to Optimize Your Site for Search Engine Bots & Spiders

For your site to be at the top of the ranking, you must convince Google bots that it is worthy of a search. As with any relationship, the best way to make friends with a Googlebot is to give it what it wants when it wants it.

Squarespace has a number of built-in SEO features, and one of the prime examples is automatically generated sitemaps . Sitemaps are the repository of everything that is on your site, they allow the Google algorithm to view all the pages on the site without having to find each one individually.

Although Squarespace can create a sitemap, one of the missing features is the ability to convince Google to pay attention to it . You have to do it yourself manually. Go to your website in Google Webmaster Tools and click on “Add a sitemap” in the “Sitemap” section, and then add the file “sitemap.xml”.

In addition, some users complained about problems with recognizing and indexing Google sites on Squarespace even after sending the site map . Although the exact reason for this is unknown, this is obviously a very serious flaw that competing sites such as Wix and WordPress do not have.

Squarespace SEO: Good, but not the best.

If you want to create a beautiful website using the intuitive interface of the template, you will find here everything you need. But if you want to make the most of the possibilities of search engine optimization, you’d better look elsewhere.

Squarespace in this sense lags behind many competitors. Problems with metadata and site ranking, according to reviews of some users, are unacceptable. Although the platform provides many search engine optimization tools for every page on the site, Squarespace as a whole does not pay enough attention to SEO.

For example, Squarespace does not offer any features comparable to the sophisticated and well-known WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. The ability to insert SEO-information on the pages of a site simply cannot be compared with such a tool. And in a world where it’s difficult to reach the first page of Google, you cannot limit yourself to using imperfect tools .

Squarespace is still a good website builder that millions use, and it has many basic SEO features. It is known for its ease of use and the ability to create stunningly beautiful sites. For these reasons, Squarespace should definitely be used to build a site if search engine optimization is not your top priority .

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