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Being first on search engine pages is important, but it must be the relevant solution that people are looking for. We need to offer more! Therefore, the work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes much more than just the focus on keywords and, yes, a project that should be […]

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Being first on search engine pages is important, but it must be the relevant solution that people are looking for. We need to offer more! Therefore, the work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes much more than just the focus on keywords and, yes, a project that must be analyzed continuously, in the long term, within its digital marketing strategy .

But, which SEO techniques are important besides working on a specific keyword list for your business? Get to know other important points to highlight in your project and monitor closely, daily, so you don’t have problems when indexing.

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Responsive website

Responsive Website Design - SUREFIRE Marketing Agency in Charlotte, NC

Mobile access grows more and more. Therefore, having a responsive website is no longer a differentiator, but an obligation! This is because, having a website that fits the most different formats of devices, contributes to offer a better experience for the user and decreases the rejection rate, for example.

Having a responsive website is also essential for good indexing on Google. When a search is made by a mobile device, it gives preference to the sites that have this option, optimizing organic traffic.

Another important factor is that since March 2018, Google has announced that it prioritizes the mobile version of a website when indexing it, making mobile websites much more important to the search engine than mobile.

Load Speed ​​and Optimized Website Architecture

In addition to the site adapting to the most different screen formats available on the market today, two other points are important for a good performance in your SEO strategy. They are: loading speed and optimized website architecture.

Google pays attention to pages that load faster. This means that it is useless to have a website full of beautiful images and captivating details if the files and images take minutes to load. The slow loading of your site can negatively affect your entire optimization project.

When we talk about website design and structure, we also need to keep an eye out. The user needs to easily find what he is looking for. Your website needs to be, above all, extremely useful. Therefore, the information on the pages needs to be organized hierarchically.


Good SEO is synonymous with good content. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the content you produce on your page and especially the TAGs of your pages. Being them:

  • Title tag: This tag should be catchy to help crawlers find it more easily. When creating this tag, you need to pay attention to duplicate titles that can confuse your customers.
  • H1 tag: this tag is also important for crawlers and users to understand its content. Search robots use H1 to get an idea of ​​what your page is about. This tag also helps to make your text more structured and create scannable content.
  • Meta description: a well-done meta description can be the great differential to generate the click to your website. That is why it becomes so important to your business. Whenever your link appears in a search, that description will appear below talking about the content of that page. It is also worth taking care of duplicate meta descriptions, as they can hinder searchers to understand what is really relevant.


Is your website a secure website? SSL is a security key that creates a secure connection to the internet and ensures that there are no intrusion problems during data exchange. This data is now one of Google’s ranking factors. Thus, today HTTPS, generated by the SSL certificate, allows Google Analytics to identify the source of traffic from any website to any address.

You need to check that your SSL certificate is up to date, that it is still valid, registered in the correct domain and that it does not generate disturbing notifications for your user. When it comes to adding this secure protocol to your website, care must be taken not to encounter missing redirects so as not to result in lower rankings.

Remember: when adding SSL to your site, update the internal links and your sitemap with URLs in HTTPs.

Linking Strategies

SEO is much more than keyword . When optimizing websites it is essential to be aware of a link strategy as well. After all, they are the ones who will guide people within your website. From building the URLs to the targeting links.

For example, a URL can negatively affect your site’s indexing and ranking. Thus, using hyphens between words, helps a lot to build friendly URLs and to avoid problems and not to hinder the legibility for robots and humans.

When working on link building techniques, be careful with broken links as well, so as not to create a bad experience for your users. Always try to be related to reference sites, since the more important the link indicated, the more relevance you will also have through the search site!

Also be aware of the number of links on the same page so that your site does not look like spam.

Work well with social media

Customer acquisition on social media -- with your own data

Be present on social media. Have a closer and more dynamic profile in your customers’ relationships. Use images that can go viral and produce quality posts.

Content Quality

The quality and size of your text is extremely important. Your content needs to be relevant to Google, it cannot be nonsensical text created with the keyword planner that doesn’t make sense and that the reader gives up in minutes of reading. The user needs to find what he seeks!

As a result of this good work, the better the text you create, the more likely it is to be at the top of the organic search!

Competition analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors can be a big differentiator. Thus, you can take advantage of all the loopholes and flaws of SEO strategy that it does not execute to achieve better results.

Having seen all these details, it is clear that keyword research is just a small detail to optimize your site and stand out on Google pages. For this, it is having tools that help you in this project, like SEMrush.

Strategy building tools

Today, SEMrush has a database with more than 8 million keywords, in the most different languages, to help you in your research planning. With a quick search, it is possible an overview of the chosen words, the difficulty of each one and insights to create organic traffic.

The tool also contributes with a complete report with analysis of the website of its customers, showing the report of positions, the gaps in keywords, a report of competitors’ backlinks and a consistent traffic analysis.

Some details in an SEO project are more difficult to be mapped, among them on-page SEO errors , such as broken links, errors in tags and meta description. An easy way to solve this problem is our Site Audit and the on-Page SEO Checker.


Long-tail Keyword Research Strategy to improve your SEO


To get a high ranking in search engines, you must choose the strategy of least resistance. Although it probably seems logical to you that you need to focus on high-frequency keywords that will attract more traffic. But, most likely, such tactics will lead you to disappointment and a waste of resources. Moreover, it may happen that the traffic that you attract with the help of high-frequency requests of a general orientation will be of rather poor quality. That was bad news.

The good news is that there are many other key queries that are more accurate, specific, and niche than general. And if you drive traffic using highly competitive search queries, then its quality is unlikely to ever come close to traffic from specific, niche queries. Traffic quality should be understood as a visitor interested in your products or services who is looking for exactly what he needs and what he can get from you. This concept is called the “theory of the long tail.”

Choosing the right keywords is not always easy. For example, if you sell shoes, it is likely that you want to see your site in the TOP for “shoe store” – that is, for the main request. However, if you optimize some pages of your site for a specific pair of shoes or a specific type of shoe, you will have much more success in traffic with specific keywords.

A good example of such a query might sound like this: “women’s red tennis shoes with a zipper” – this will be the keyword with a long tail. Of course, the number of people searching for long-tailed keywords will be significantly lower than those looking for a “shoe store.” However, you can be sure that these few people at a later stage of your sales funnel are more willing to buy your product than anyone who is just looking for a store. That’s why long tail keywords are effective. They are aimed at people who are looking for specific information or a specific product, guide or service that can solve their problem. If you optimize the pages of your site for keywords with a long tail, then this will bring you undoubted benefits. It’s easy for you to achieve high search engine rankings,


As mentioned in the article above, focusing on long tail queries is the key to successful search engine optimization. And although these requests generate less traffic than general requests, the long tail leads to targeted visitors who are looking for exactly what you offer. The good news is that picking the right long-tail keywords is an extremely simple process. Relevance – this is the main problem when choosing. Keep in mind, the more specific niche and keywords are, the better. Suppose you have a company that installs doors. What is the right request to drive targeted traffic to potential customers? Doors? or “installation of interior doors made of wood”?

Obviously, the visitor who is looking for “installation …” is already in exploration mode. He is either trying to find out more about the installation or to find someone who will install the doors for him, and it can be you!

SEO optimization of a page for a “door” request also has some value, but there is no doubt that this keyword is aimed at a much wider audience that may not be interested in your services.

Another factor that should be noted is optimization in terms of local queries. Users typically include their location when searching for service providers and other contractors in their area. That is, the request “installation of interior doors of wood” turns into the “installation of interior doors of wood in Irpen.” If you work in only one city or area, you might consider placing keywords with a location on your entire site. However, if your business has branches in different cities, it would be a good idea to create a separate page for each of them so that your site appears everywhere you look.

This is how all the secrets of long-tail key queries are. If you want to know more, or get a free consultation, fill out the feedback form at the bottom of the page, and we will help you!

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