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You want to create a great Wix site, but read somewhere that Google doesn’t like it! Is this still true? You want to bring your site to the top of the search engine, but can you do it using Wix?

Yes, Wix had a bad (to be honest, terrible ) reputation for SEO. And there were good reasons. Wix added characters to the URL. It was originally based on Flash. And the title, meta description, and even blog URLs were poorly optimized.

I have good news for you: Wix has significantly improved SEO capabilities .

In 2016, Wix fixed most of the SEO-related issues that worsened its reputation. True, to date, this reputation has been preserved, but do not worry. Even a senior Google employee, John Muller, publicly stated on the Google forum that Wix websites were perfectly optimized for the Google search engine.

But in order to get in the top search engine, a site designer is not enough, because a lot also depends on the settings and tools , which you use on the platform . But the most important thing is your overall strategy to improve SEO, and your platform is just a small part of this.

We want your site to rise as high as possible … Because we feel good when you feel good . In addition, we want you to have a lot of free time. Therefore, we did all the dirty work for you (well, not really, because we did not work hard), figuring out how to use Wix in such a way as to improve the SEO of your site.

Launch SEO Wiz from Wix

Great SEO optimization does not appear magically. In order to achieve it, you will need a whole (and sometimes difficult) strategy, including keywords, links and tracking Google updates. But a good SEO strategy that is suitable for the average user may not be suitable for your company.

In order to raise your site as high as possible in a search engine, use SEO Wiz from Wix . This is a powerful, convenient tool that will create an individual SEO optimization plan for you.

In order to run this tool – go to Wix , open the settings, click on SEO, and then on the “Let’s Go.”

wix seo 1

Your plan will describe how to do these three important things to improve SEO:

  1. Add site to Google
  2. Optimize site pages
  3. Continue to Improve SEO

Now you need to put the plan into action. With Wix, everything is so simple that you will have no excuse for not following the next step, well, or five.

5 Ways to Improve SEO with Wix

I think Wix underestimates itself: you get a “SEO plan,” but that’s more than just a plan . This is a guide that points to the exact place in the editor where you will need to make a change.

So, do you really want to improve SEO? Here are five steps you should take on Wix to achieve your goal:

SEO Booster # 1: Optimize Your Home Page

Before you can host your site on Google, you need to optimize your homepage.

Step 1. Click on “ Update page title for search engines .” You can use the recommended Wix heading or follow the link with manuals to help you come up with the heading yourself. Then click on “To Editor”, follow the instructions and finally click on “ Update ”.

wix seo 2

Step 2. Click on “ Change SEO description of the main page ”. You’ll learn how to enter a meta description, that is, text displayed directly below your heading on search engine results pages. Google attaches great importance to this text when placing sites in a search engine.

Follow Wix’s tips on how to come up with a good meta description. For example, you should use keywords and the name of your company.

Step 3. Click on “ Optimize the text with the page head ”. This will help you get your homepage up with keywords. Of course, this means that you must use these keywords on your home page. Click on “Editor” and add your keywords to the text, just to make it look natural. Do not try to shove them.

SEO Booster # 2: Mobile Optimization

If the site is not adapted for mobile devices, then there is nothing more annoying than viewing it on the phone. I can, of course, exaggerate, but it is also annoying, like people who speak loudly on the phone in restaurants or forget to turn on turn signals while driving. Since many use the Internet on their smartphones, Google “punishes” sites that are not optimized for mobile devices.

Wix can take care of the optimization itself and you will not need to write the code yourself . Just enable this feature. On the main screen of the Wix editor, click on “ Optimal page view ”.

wix seo 3

Then click on “ Optimize ”.

wix seo 4

And you’re done! It doesn’t get any easier. Wix takes care of page size, display, and other important things.

SEO Booster # 3: Instantly index your site on Google

You can bring your site up to the Google search engine only if it knows about its existence. And this will not happen automatically. You need to let Google know about it. When you launch SEO Wiz from Wix, the tool will add you to Google . With Wix, you can do this very quickly.

After you set up your website and optimize your homepage, you need to connect it to Google using SEO Wiz. It is very simple and the whole process will be explained step by step. Just go to “ Settings ” and then click on “ Find on Google ”. This will open SEO Wiz from Wix.

wix seo 5

Click on “ Connect to Google ” to let Google know about your great new site that everyone will want to visit.

After publishing your site, you’ll want to make sure that Google knows about you. Just open it and enter site: yoursitename.wixsite.com/site . You will see all the pages that are responsible for the location of your site in the search engine. That’s all.

SEO Booster # 4: Canonical URLs

Perhaps you have several web pages. One for a specific campaign, the other for advertising on Facebook, but in fact it is the same page. And you want Google to treat them as a single page and not place them separately.

The canonical URL is a term that means the union of all your pages, and just the same, it is the main URL of the page. You need to make Google recognize it. With Wix, it will be very simple, because it creates a canonical URL by default .

But you might want to create your own URL. Go to “ Services ”, then to “ SEO (Google) ”. On the “Page Settings” page, click on “Advanced SEO”.

Once the page loads, all you have to do is add the URL to the “Canonical URL” field (circled below).

wix seo 6

And now Google will recognize all your pages as one. This means that all search engine optimization will be concentrated on the main page.

SEO Booster # 5: Install a 301 Redirect

Broken link is not fun at all. And the outdated page is even more so. And according to Google, this is not good. Therefore, it is important to set up 301 redirects from outdated pages in a search engine to a new Wix page.

Open the settings, click on “SEO” , then scroll down to the “Redirect: 301 redirect” section. Read about the 301 redirect, and then click “Start,” to link your old pages to the new ones.

wix seo 7

Enter the URL of the old page, select the new and the most difficult behind. Do the same with other pages that you have not updated for a long time, or that have been turned off.

What else does Wix need to get better?

I like Wix. He is damn good in terms of standard optimization, i.e. tags, meta descriptions, and replacement text. Wix recently added an SEO guide to help you create and use advanced optimization strategies.

Obviously, Wix has worked hard to improve its SEO capabilities. However, I believe that you can still work on this:

  • Sitemap . It is created automatically and helps with optimization. But you cannot change it. If Wix added customization, it would help a lot more advanced users.
  • The name of the images . When you upload an image, Wix uses a string of numbers and letters to indicate the file instead of a name that conveys the meaning of the image. Google is not a fan of this. In order to improve SEO, you need to change the name of the image properly manually.

That’s all my recommendations. All in all, I’m still impressed with how much success Wix has achieved. Yes, using another tool, for example SEMrush , you can really use SEO in the best way, but you can still bring your site to the top of the search engine using only SEO tools from Wix.

What about Wix competitors?

Wix is ​​great, but you may still be wondering how other popular website designers deal with SEO. Let’s look at some of them …


I like WordPress as a site builder. This is a very effective tool, and you can create a multifunctional site using it.

However, for many optimization features, such as custom URLs and canonical tags, you must install the plugin. My favorite WordPress SEO plugins are Yoast SEO , All in One SEO Pack and Redirection (for 301 redirects).

wix seo 8

At Wix, all these features are already included in the SEO wizards . This saves time and reduces the likelihood that you will skip these important steps. And with Wix you don’t have to constantly update plugins, because the platform always has the latest versions of all the tools.

And wix wins . Based on comparable SEO results, Wix is ​​easier to use (in my opinion) than WordPress due to its improvements and built-in features.


Wix and Squarespace are comparable in terms of SEO optimization suggestions. The only difference is that using SquareSpace, you cannot customize headings and meta descriptions for individual blog posts and products. But Wix allows you to optimize them for all pages.

However, Wix greatly simplifies making changes and tweaks to SEO . It offers an interactive SEO plan that contains all the instructions and links for making changes. In SquareSpace, this information is presented in online help format, which makes it much less convenient to use.

wix seo 9

Winner : And again this honor goes to Wix. No more searching for how to upgrade. No more guessing what you have already done and what not. With SquareSpace, you can do the same thing, only with Wix it is much easier.


While writing this article, I read a lot of SEO optimization guides offered by various tools. And the Weebly SEO guide has surely sunk into my soul. I also like Weebly’s automatic hints that help improve SEO throughout the site’s creation process.

But Weebly does not have a tool like Wix SEO Wiz. Accordingly, using it, it will be more difficult for you to bring the site up the search engine.

Winner : Wix, which is slightly ahead of Weebly thanks to its SEO tool Wiz.

The first step is an SEO strategy

5 Beginner Steps to Sell Your Screenplays - ScreenCraft

We have already hinted that you need a good SEO strategy for SEO Wiz from Wix. And we are not going to leave you face to face with this task without proper advice regarding the development of a strategy that will help move from basic to advanced optimization.

We warn in advance that SEO is almost a science. Just remember that this is only the beginning and you still have to deal with a lot.

  • Start with your audience . Who do you want to sell your product to? Think about what your audience needs and why they would love it.
  • Take care of the content . What content will solve the problems of your audience and save them from unnecessary worries? Find detailed information about the content and topics that will interest visitors to your site.
  • Pay attention to keywords . Spend a lot of time on both free and paid tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush . Decide on the keywords and understand how to use them in the best way to bring your site to the top. Yes, Wix is ​​a great tool for building sites. But this is just a tool. In order to achieve the best SEO optimization, you need to use Wix as a starting point and use your knowledge, research and experience to reach your ultimate goal.
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