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In order for your online store to appear in search results in search engines, site pages must be indexed by search robots. To do this, you need to “inform” them about the existence of your store in one of the following ways:

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1. By the link from another site .
Arrange the placement of links leading to the storefront of the online store with the owners of other sites – for example, by exchanging links or by publishing interesting articles in popular online publications (blogs). There are also special automated services for placing external links (for example, link exchanges).

2. Through the form of adding the address of an online store on a search engine website, for example:
Google ( http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl )
Yandex ( http://webmaster.yandex.ru/addurl. xml )
Bing ( http://www.bing.com/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx )

After getting the address of the online store in the search index, it is useful to ensure that the link to your online storefront is among the first in the search results for queries that are useful to you. Such actions are called search engine optimization. From the moment the site is opened until it appears in the search results, it can take up to several months. High-quality search engine optimization with a long-term effect can require significant financial costs and time. For example, you can use the 

Yandex.Direct and 

Google AdWords contextual advertising services . To achieve positive results in a shorter time, use the services of experienced professionals. Remember that the promises “to bring the site to the TOP-3 within a month” in advertisements are often not supported by real results. Proper search engine optimization is a 

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constant painstaking work on the usability and content of your site!

Search Engine Optimization Tips

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Form and save the directives for the robots.txt file in the “Site” settings in accordance with the recommendations. This will allow you to prevent indexing of irrelevant pages (i.e. pages that do not contain important information for your visitors – for example, pages with product search results or a shopping basket) and avoid unnecessary load on the server from search robots.


Fill in the TITLE and META page header fields for all categories and products! When creating and editing products, you can and should use the variables {$ name}, {$ summary}, {$ price}. These variables are automatically replaced by the name , brief description and price of the goods. The TITLE header and the META description tag form the contents of the block with information about the page found in the search results, which is why it is highly advisable to fill them out yourself (using variables if necessary), instead of letting the search engine do this automatically based on the contents of the storefront. Thus, you can manage information about the pages of your store, which will be displayed on the websites of search engines!


Publish detailed thematic articles using the “ Blog ” application or the information pages of the online store (information pages can be created in the “Design” section). The regular appearance of high-quality text materials has a positive effect on the ranking of a site in search engines.Avoid copying texts and images from other sites – illegal copying may result in sanctions by the owners of such sites, hosting providers or search engines.

Google analytics

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Sign up for Google Analytics and enable integration with this service in the settings of the Site application. Using the statistics collected by this service, you can determine the popularity of each page of the online store and, in accordance with this, adjust your actions to optimize the site.

A / B testing

Constantly improve the efficiency of the online store using A / B testing of various pages and individual elements of a storefront. This is one of the most effective ways to find out exactly what and where you need to improve so that the online store begins to bring more profit.


Add a map created using the Yandex.Maps service to any page of the storefront, for example, to the Contacts page. According to unofficial information, this action positively affects the indexing of an online store by the Yandex search engine. In addition, it is a convenient tool for your customers.

Do not stop!

The most important thing in search engine optimization is the continuity of the process and perseverance in achieving your goals. There are no reliably known ways to perform search engine optimization once and then for a long time only use the fruits of the work done.

Useful SEO Features Shop-Script

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Shop-Script does a significant part of the work to achieve high search positions automatically and thus frees up your time for other important tasks:


The Webasyst framework that Shop-Script runs on generates a sitemap.xml file – thanks to this file, search bots will quickly find out about all the new products, categories and pages that you published in the online store.The content of the sitemap.xml file is always available at the address of the form 

http://yourdomain.ru/sitemap.xml , although there is no file with this name on the server. 

You do not need to create such a file manually , so as not to interfere with the automatic generation of the Sitemap file.

The content of sitemap.xml is always generated automatically – nowhere in the Shop-Script and Webasyst interface you do not need to click a special button to “update” this file.


The basic Shop-Script design topics form the layout of the storefront pages in accordance with the recommendations of the Schema.org microformats description standards. Micro-marking helps search engines to determine as accurately as possible what type a particular piece of information in a storefront belongs to – this improves the quality of indexed data. Examples of such fragments: product description, customer reviews, product rating, product availability in stock, etc.

On most pages of the storefront there are links of ” breadcrumbs ” that indicate in which section each page of the storefront of the online store is located. They help customers navigate your online store well, and search robots – correctly perceive the structure of the site.


Links to Shop-Script storefront pages are formed in the form of CNC, which also help visitors and search engines navigate the structure of an online storefront. Shop-Script supports several modes of generating CNC links – the desired mode can be selected in the store settlement settings in the “Structure” section of the “Site” application:

  • Natural
    Product pages: / category-name / subcategory-name / product-name /
    Category pages: / category-name / subcategory-name /
  • Mixed
    Product Pages: / product-name /
    Category Pages: / category / category-name / subcategory-name / subcategory-name /
  • Flat
    Product Pages: / product / product-name /
    Category Pages: / category / category-name /

None of these types of addresses has a distinct advantage over the others, but depending on the structure of your online catalog, you may prefer one of them as the most suitable for you.


An important aspect of search engine optimization is the elimination of duplicate pages. Duplicates are pages with the same content, available at different addresses. For example, if only one additional parameter of the form? Preview = 1 is added to the page address, then a page at that address containing the same content as a page with an address without a parameter, then these two pages will be considered duplicates.

To eliminate duplicate pages in Shop-Script, a special tag with the canonical attribute is automatically generated. When a page is opened at its secondary address (for example, at an address with an additional parameter), the canonical attribute containing the original address of this page is added to the source code. This attribute “tells” search engines that this page address is secondary and does not need to be indexed. Instead, you need to index the main address of the page (specified in the attribute value) – or skip it if it has been indexed recently.

With or without WWW

Each site owner sooner or later faces the need to configure a redirect from the WWW subdomain (for example, www.yourdomain.ru ) to the main domain (for example, yourdomain.ru) or vice versa. This is necessary to prohibit indexing of duplicate content, because otherwise, 2 identical sites at different addresses will be available to search engines! Webasyst framework makes it easy to solve this problem without searching the Internet for complex instructions on how to set up a redirect: just choose which version of your site’s address is considered the main one and specify it in this form in the settings of the Site application. If you try to dial another variant of the address, a redirect to the correct address will always be performed.


Shop-Script caches a wide variety of items to reduce server load, including storefront page templates and product thumbnails. Server load, which could potentially be caused by active shopping by search robots, will be minimized due to the use of the cache. This feature will help you avoid interruptions in the work of the online store due to technical failures, which are always negatively reflected in the search positions of the site.

Despite the active use of caching in Shop-Script, try to use the services of reliable hosting providers – at the same time you will not save on hosting, but definitely positively affect the stability of your online store.

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