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SEO (an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization) is a set of works on external and internal optimization, the task of which is to appear on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for targeted requests.

Why is the first page of the search important? It all depends on the users. According to statistics, 50% of visitors find the answer to a question of interest among the top ten sites, 35% of visitors view pages 2 and 3, and only 15% search on the fourth. After 4 pages – there is no life.

SEO Methods

Long Method

As a result of proper optimization, the resource occupies the top positions in SERP. SEO gives long-term results, but not soon. When fulfilling the requirements and the right content, the young site will appear in the top only six months later. This is the average time to achieve results, a lot depends on competition in the niche. Among the promotion methods, black, gray and white promotion schemes are distinguished.


Black methods include cloaking, doorway creation, a large percentage of keywords in the text, non-unique content. Gray schemes include building up external links through buying on exchanges, re-optimizing by keywords, wrapping up behavioral factors. Search engines struggle with gray and black schemes all the time. The Yandex algorithm in honor of the German city of Baden-Baden checks and lowers positions for re-optimized texts, content without meaning, and the Minusink algorithm fights sites that abuse the purchase of links.  

Gray and black schemes are used to achieve quick results, as well as due to budget constraints. Such methods complicate the work of search robots. White SEO requires more money and effort, but gives a long-term and stable result. 


White promotion is a set of measures that are safe for the resource, thanks to which users receive unique content, convenient navigation on the site and fast page loading. White promotion methods include publishing unique and useful content, internal website optimization for quick work, and a natural link profile.

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Why do you need SEO?

Do I Need SEO for my Business? - YourSocialStrategy.com

Promotion is needed by commercial and information resources. The goal of promotion is always the same – to make a profit. The online store needs to appear in the first positions by keywords so that users buy goods. Information resources do not sell anything, but they are advertising sites. For beginners in Internet marketing, SEO will seem simple, but it is a long and complex work with a dozen components. Website optimization includes:

  • Work with content. This group includes, in addition to creating useful content for users, the selection of key queries, a compilation of title and description, the relevance of the text to the key query;
  • Analysis of user actions on the resource pages. The behavioral factor is an important indicator that Yandex, Google, and others take into account. Tracked using web analytics services.

Using Yandex.Metrica, you can see traffic for search queries.

  • Demand analysis of the target audience. The statistics of queries on the topic and the number of visits to competing sites on this topic are checked.
  • Analysis of ranking algorithms. Constant analysis and verification of innovations helps to quickly respond to changes in the operation of search algorithms.
  • Work with the site and internal optimization. Compiling a file for the search bot and site map, setting up redirects, fighting duplicates, checking layout for errors and a number of others — all parameters affect the position of the resource. The presence of a mobile version of the site or adaptive resource increases the chances of the resource to get into the TOP. You can also collect Turbo pages in Yandex.Webmaster or AMP pages in Google.
  • External optimization. The category includes an increase in the reference mass on third-party resources, verification of links to working capacity, and the search for suitable sites for advertising.

Search engine algorithms take into account and analyze dozens of incoming data. From the moment a query is entered into the search bar, the system analyzes expressions, checks for synonyms and words that are similar in meaning, selects relevant pages, takes into account the user’s location and gives a personalized result. 

Ranking factors

10 Most Decisive Google (SEO) Ranking Factors in 2020

Yandex algorithms are built on a neural network. The network is constantly learning and calculating new factors that are used in the ranking algorithm. There are internal as well as external ranking factors.

Intrinsic factors

Internal factors include work on the site: technical optimization, development of navigation and usability, work with content. There are a number of requirements that must be observed in order to achieve success in promoting a resource:

  • With technical optimization, it is important to correctly compose robots.txt, configure the correct server response, speed up page loading by optimizing images, compressing program code.
  • Work out the logical structure. The structure is being worked out at the stage of site development, so it is important when creating a site to invite a promotion specialist to eliminate errors at the stage of development. The structure should be such that the visitor can get to any page of the site for 1-2 transitions. Navigational elements in the form of “bread crumbs”, as well as competent linking will help the visitor.
  • Post useful content. Content is why the user goes to the site, especially to the informational one. To get into the TOP-10, you need to post an expert and unique text that answers the question asked and leaves no objection.

With proper work with internal factors, the cost of promoting a resource is reduced. Technical optimization, working with content requires knowledge, so it can be difficult for a beginner to meet technical requirements.

External factors

The main stage in working with such factors is obtaining external links. You need to place links carefully:

  • Advertising platforms should be checked;
  • Increase link mass at a slow pace;
  • Study competitors and their reference profile;
  • Choose sites in the same region as yours.

In addition to these points, an important point is the clickability of the link. The type of link for information and commercial resources will be different. In information projects, anchor-free eternal links are effective, and on commercial resources you can also use links with an anchor in the form of a keyword.

A number of experts claim that link promotion does not work. Today you can’t buy a dozen articles on different sites with eternal or temporary links, so that the site quickly got into the TOP. For promotion, you will have to carefully select a donor with a similar theme, who is ready to place an eternal link.

For external promotion to work, it must be natural, otherwise you can get under the Minusinsk from Yandex or the Google Penguin filter.

Site quality

When promoting a commercial resource whose purpose is to sell, you need to create clear and simple navigation. Modern users do not like to look for the basket button and understand the intricacies of the site. It’s easier for them to go to a competitor. Usability is important for online stores. Usability includes not only navigation, but also the color scheme, the convenience of arranging blocks.

Users go to information sites for answers to questions. These resources need not only usability so that the visitor does not leave after the first second on the site, but also the quality of the content. Expert content – the user comes for him. The task of the text is to answer questions simply and without water.

Checking promotion results

How to Overcome a Good-Enough Culture

Tracked the results of promotion for a number of parameters.

Determining Site Positions in SERP

The site’s positions for the selected key queries can be found in Yandex Webmaster and Google Search Console. Topvisor.com will also help with position verification.

Targeted Traffic

Yandex and Google’s web analytics services identify popular queries that refer to the site, referring sources. Also, using these services, the depth of viewing, the time spent on the site is analyzed, and detailed information about the target audience is stored here.

Target Actions

For virtual stores and commercial resources, it is important to keep track of which source, channel, keyword led the potential customer. For SEO promotion, it’s important for which keywords and which search engines the lead came from.

Determining Efficiency Using MANGO Call Tracking

Call tracking is useful for companies that work with phone calls. This is a tool for analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns that use phone numbers. A separate number is connected to each advertising channel – this is static call tracking. Dynamic calltracking – a separate number is shown to each visitor to the site.

Features of the Mango Service

MANGO service integrates with Yandex.Metrica and Google Analitics. As a result of this integration, all information about incoming calls is transmitted to web analytics services. Through integration with Google Analitics, marketers get a report on the number of calls for different keywords. This allows you to identify effective queries and abandon low-profit. Using reports in GA, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Google AdSense is analyzed.

Using MANGO, you can determine the cost of one lead for each ad channel and keyword. You can find out in detail about the number of displays of banners and advertisements, advertising calls, requests from the site, as well as about expenses on any channel, profit and revenue, see the report “Through analytics” service.

SEO Optimization Tools

To promote your site, use the following tools:

Services for working with the semantic core. There are many tools for choosing keywords and grouping them. Yandex.Wordstat, Google’s “Keyword Planner” are suitable for manually defining a semantic core.

Keyword Selection

You can also install a special Yandex Wordstat Assistant plugin in a Google browser. The tool simplifies the work with Yandex.Wordstat.

Key Collector is a popular product. The program helps to collect keywords and phrases, determines the competitiveness, effectiveness and cost of queries. With the help of Kay Collector, you can analyze the site for compliance with the semantic core, get recommendations for linking and determine relevant pages. Slovoeb is a free KeyCollector option.

Services for checking positions in the results. Sloboeb and Key Collector, in addition to selecting keywords, help track site positions in SERP. There are other services such as Seogadget, Allpositions. 

Allpositions asks for registration and a small fee for the work. With it, positions are checked in different search engines, you can import keys and configure auto-positioning, as well as view the results in TOP-10.

Services for tracking updates to the issuance of Yandex and Google. Promosite can find out about Yandex updates, and Mozcast keeps track of Google updates. Higher temperatures – more changes in output. The Searchenegines forum also provides up-to-date update information.

Link monitoring services. Yandex.Webmaster, the Webmaster Panel from Google, are recommended as resources for checking the external links of your site. To check the links of competitors you need to use third-party resources. Linkpad helps you find the external links of the selected site. The service has a paid and free version. In the free version, the number of lines to view is limited.

Tools for technical verification of the site. The Google Search Console, as well as Yandex.Webmaster check page indexing, robots and sitemap files, server response, as well as external and internal links. You can also use Netpeak Spider. This is a paid program, but it has a 14-day trial period.

PageSpeed ​​Interface

Other tools. When working with the site, the service “Original Texts” from Yandex will help. It tells the system that you own the text. Yandex.Handbook will help in further advancement, and Schema.org will help create micro-marking to recognize the structure of information and its significance by search engines.

There are more than a hundred different tools to help you work to promote your own resource.

SEO and contextual advertising

The Renaissance of Contextual Advertising | MarTech Advisor

On each SERP page, contextual advertising blocks come first. You can distinguish them by the inscription “Advertising”. Mixing them up is easy. Contextual ads are needed to attract traffic, they are paid and higher is the resource that put a high cost per impression or click. In addition to contextual advertising, on the first page there are links to specialized Yandex and Google services.

Deadlines for obtaining results

SEO is a painstaking job with many parameters. With effective content and proper internal and external optimization, the first optimization results can be obtained after the first text indexing of promoted pages. This may take up to a month. Such a short period is only for low-competitive niches for which there is high demand, but little information. For a young site in a highly competitive niche, the term for getting into the TOP according to thematic requests can be from six to twelve months. The term for withdrawal in the TOP is affected by:

  1. Resource age. Young sites need more time than the old domain. The speed of website promotion depends on the credibility of external sites and the number of natural links.
  2. The number of competitors in the niche. In highly competitive niches for information resources, high-quality expert material is needed that will gain the trust of visitors [NK3]. Commercial sites must meet a number of requirements. A commercial resource should have a competent usability design, complete and structured product information with video reviews and ratings, contact pages, payment and delivery methods. A support service and an online consultant should also work.
  3. Total traffic on the resource. The site may be technically sound, with a beautiful design, but useless for the user. And on such a site there will be no good traffic.
  4. The number of information and commercial requests. The online store may be in the TOP for non-commercial requests due to a good blog. The site will be a good information resource, but the profit will be small.
  5. Reporting and organization of the workflow. Specialized services help in this matter. With their help, you can find the bottlenecks in the resource.

Cost of attracting traffic

The disadvantage of search engine promotion is the waiting time, so SEO and contextual advertising should be used in parallel. In the first months, traffic can come from contextual advertising, and after 4-6 months, traffic from search engine optimization will increase and then both channels can be used.

When forming the cost of works on SEO-optimization of the site, the general condition of the site, the competitiveness of the topic, the level of trust in the site are taken into account. When pricing, the following rules apply:

  • The cost of work is higher when entering the TOP-10 in a competitive niche. You can evaluate your niche by comparing with competitors for key queries. When analyzing competitors from the first page of SERP, you need to evaluate which promotion methods are used, and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • The promotion price is affected by page conversion, viewing depth and time spent on the site, as well as types of links.
  • If you do website promotion yourself, it will cost less, but there is a high risk of increasing deadlines and errors.
  • The ultimate challenge. Each resource owner poses different tasks. Someone wants to increase conversion up to 20%, and someone wants to increase traffic to 200 unique visitors per day.

In addition to the cost of work, customers always want to know what the timing depends on, how to develop the site and what stages of the site promotion. You can learn more about this in the second part of the article on the basics of SEO promotion.

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