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To promote a site, you need to have optimization skills, without making mistakes – from the most obvious to the not so ordinary. Almost all Internet resources on the way to the coveted TOP are in one way or another faced with difficulties, but each eliminates them in different ways. SEO site errors are a very common occurrence. No one is safe from them; the main thing is to correct deficiencies in a timely manner. Consider the key problems of sites.

New Leaders Should Avoid These Common Mindset Mistakes

Incorrect keywords

Grunge incorrect label PSD - PSDstamps

The target audience interacts directly with key requests. The goal of optimizing any web project is to select the correct “keys” and harmoniously integrate them into the content. The semantic core must be formed from relevant keys.

Material is created based on the topic, not the keys presented. Otherwise, the article will not interest users. Google Ads, Google Trends, Yandex Wordstat, SEMrush are traditionally used to search for relevant queries. Remember that it’s not enough to pick up keywords, they also need to be harmoniously entered into the text, and the page should be optimized correctly.

Keyword spam

spamming operation that gathered a list of 711.5 million email ...

Too many keys will ruin everything: the perception of the article, the quality of the material, even the appearance of the document. If the keys are present in literally every sentence, this will harm both the page and the entire project. Content becomes uninteresting and worthless. It looks unnatural, which means it scares users.

Keep in mind that search engines have begun to actively use the semantic search LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). Indexing analyzes the project by keywords and their synonyms. Thus, it is easy to identify a site with high text spam.

Bad meta tags

Beginners often underestimate the importance of meta tags. According to recent studies, the most common mistake is considered to be too long Title. The second position is occupied by misses with prescribing Description, the absence of tags and encoding in principle.

Title up to 45 characters is positioned as non-optimized, and more than 65 characters are perceived as too long and complicated for the search engine. You can correctly format this tag, given the following recommendations:

  • It directly affects the indexing of pages on the site, so the essence must be stated very briefly and accurately;
  • It is better to indicate the main key (name of the product, service, company name), focusing the attention of users on how useful the article is;
  • Refuse high-quality keys and subjective epithets (the best, tastiest, most stylish, out of competition) – even though the CTR will increase, but robots will clearly ignore such a “feed”;
  • Never copy meta tags from competitors – along with the “stolen” material you will also borrow other people’s mistakes;
  • The main request should be located at the beginning;
  • It is better to refrain from particles, prepositions, and pronouns, which will only take up extra space, but will not help in optimization;
  • Special and ordinary characters should be represented in moderation – endless exclamation points will not intrigue anyone, but may even push them away.

Description or lack thereof

SEO problems are often associated precisely with the misuse of a tag that points to a brief description of the page. In 2 – 3 sentences describe the essence of the whole page. The user almost always reads this “announcement” first and only then decides whether to visit the site.

When forming the Description, you need to keep within 160 characters – Google no longer displays. If you focus on Yandex, then the limit can be expanded to 250 characters. In this case, it is important not to overdo the keys, otherwise the search engines will identify the tag as spam.

Good Description:

  • Informative and attractive;
  • Contains icons and special characters that attract attention;
  • Holds the main key in the first sentence at the very beginning;
  • Optimal length;
  • Not copied from extraneous resources.

Misses with H1-H6

As with meta tags, working with headings requires knowledge and compliance with key rules. H1 is always formed from keywords. Ideally, <h1> and Title contain the same keywords, but it’s important to exclude duplication of content.

The first level heading is located at the beginning of the text. It can be only one for the entire document. The new H1 is a new article. To increase the relevance of the page, it is advisable to use the keys in close proximity to H1.

Another important rule is to follow a consistent sequence:

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4

The most common errors related to H1: dubbing Title, lack of a first-order heading, violation of the order of headers, the use of several H1 in one document at once. Mistakes are made rather out of carelessness than ignorance, because they are elementary.

How To Find And Fix/Remove Broken Links | Web Design

Optimization for SEO requires filigree work with links. This leads to another urgent problem. Due to structural changes on the site or the removal of previously generated URLs, so-called dead or broken links appear. They can occur even if the address is spelled incorrectly. Again, the slightest mistake or flaw leads to minor problems. If you do not eliminate them in a timely manner, the site may be significantly affected.

When a search bot follows a dead link several times, it notes a lack of content. The error is fixed in the general search database, and when the link is re-ranked, the link will no longer be taken into account.

Conclusion: the more broken links on a resource, the less often search bots visit it, avoiding resource-intensive algorithms. The project is gradually becoming unclaimed. Not only does the site indexing process slow down, behavioral factors also worsen. No one will like to follow the link all the time, and encounter a 404 error.

The quality and quantity of links is one of the key factors in ranking a site. It’s a shame if a harmless petty mistake will cause a “fall” of a good resource.

The problem with internal linking

Too much enthusiasm also does not always bring tangible benefits. Some optimizers like to overdo it with internal linking. As a result, the resource loses its position, but does not strengthen them. In order for links to bring tangible benefits, they are placed only on the most productive pages of the site. In addition, linking is relevant exclusively between meaningful pages.

Download speed

The Consumers Guide to Internet Speed | HighSpeedInternet.com

In matters of SEO-optimization, there are no insignificant details and unimportant nuances. Even download speed has a direct impact on the behavioral factors on which the ranking of a site depends.

Where to start when optimizing site speed:

  • Using the browser cache
  • image optimization;
  • JavaScript code shortening
  • CSS code shortening
  • HTML compression
  • Use the viewport tag for mobile devices

It is worth noting that speed optimization is still quite time-consuming and difficult task, so many sites are faced with slow loading. To speed up the entire project, you will need comprehensive work with thorough testing of all types of pages. It is not enough to analyze only the main page. It is the thorough approach and work of experienced professionals that will improve the situation.

Multimedia: Common Mistakes

There are two problems associated with multimedia files on sites. In the vast majority of cases, this is the use of images that are too large. The second option is broken images. If you have such problems on the resource, you can check it yourself or consult a specialist.

Redirects: what is it?

The term “redirect” means the direction of users and bots to a page that differs from the one originally requested. This may not be the most serious mistake, but the image of the resource may be spoiled by links. Avoid multi-step: links to redirected pages, to irrelevant pages, to nonexistent or broken pages, to robots.txt.

If your site currently does not have key errors, this does not mean that they will not appear in the near future – it is a nature for programmers to make mistakes. To notice the problem even before the fall of the position of the resource, resort to periodically updating the audit site of the company.

High-quality promotion will allow you to always find customers who are configured for long-term cooperation. Our studio is professionally engaged in this area, you can order SEO website promotion in Moscow of any orientation. We will help bring your company to a new quality level.

SEO services for website optimization

How to prepare a website optimization report - Quora

The main goal of developing a site is to profit from its implementation. This applies not only to online stores and selling pages, but also to all resources without exception. To achieve this goal, just competent website development according to all the rules will not be enough, you will additionally need its promotion, which is required to increase positions in the ranking of search engines, which will increase traffic and popularity among users. SEO services for website optimization, which can be found on the World Wide Web, will help you. Yandex offers extensive functionality, its applications can be used for competent SEO-optimization of resources of any complexity and orientation.

This service can be ordered in our Internet solutions studio “GuruLabs”, where high-class SEO specialists work. One of our popular services is SEO optimization and website promotion, Moscow and the regions are actively using it. Contacting us will help you in quickly promoting the position of the Internet resource and significantly save time on achieving the goals set before its development.

What are SEO services?

The 11 Most Important Parts of SEO You Need to Get Right

SEO optimizers are called multifunctional services and programs that can solve almost all the tasks associated with the promotion of sites of any orientation and different levels of complexity. They provide carrying out:

  • Full and comprehensive analysis of the site, carried out in order to eliminate errors and problems in its operation;
  • Collection of the semantic core, which is required for optimization from scratch, not only of new, but also existing resources;
  • Analysis of traffic and its sources, which is necessary to search for opportunities to improve it;
  • Analysis of competitors, allowing you to use “other people’s experience” to optimize your own project;
  • Analysis of search queries in order to identify the most effective ones;
  • Checking the link profile to determine its effectiveness and identify opportunities to increase the diversity of external links placements;
  • Technical audit, eliminating the risk of breakdowns on the site or restricting access to it, which can scare potential users and provoke their transition to competitors;
  • Monitoring positions in order to determine the place where the Internet resource is currently located in the search results;
  • Optimization of textual and graphic content by increasing its uniqueness, reducing spam, and water content.

All of the above work is time-consuming, requiring an impressive amount of time. SEO services will come to the rescue of SEO-workers – paid and free, which can be found on the Internet.

Professional webmasters, including from our studio of Internet solutions “GuruLabs”, actively use Yandex services for SEO in their work, which positively affect the site promotion in search engines and provide new opportunities for attracting traffic. Consider the most popular of them:

  • Yandex. Search for a site. A free module designed to quickly search for information on any Internet resource that can work with morphology, which allows you to set filters for various parameters, correct typos, and index pages.
  • Yandex. Directory. It must be used for the appearance of the company’s tag in Yandex.Maps, which is added free of charge after registration and is another tool for attracting traffic, not only to the site, but also to the store or office.
  • Yandex.Maps API. This interactive tool is recommended to be embedded in the “Contacts” section of any selling resource. It will provide users with the convenience of finding your company, its offices, retail outlets and points of delivery in any locality.
  • Yandex.Webmaster. Registering a site in this application will provide him with reliable protection against copying. Its tools will allow you to quickly add new pages, track the statistics of impressions and clicks on links, receive notifications about errors in the resource, etc.
  • Yandex Market. Designed to register online stores in order to increase traffic and sales growth. This application will provide the registered trading pages with a high conversion, which will fully cover the costs of paid placement on it.
  • Yandex.Metrica. It is considered the most popular absolutely free analytics service that allows you to track site traffic, visitors’ behavior on it, traffic direction and other indicators important for optimizing the resource.
  • Yandex.Direct. The contextual advertising service additionally ensures the growth of the positions of the promoted pages and the targeted traffic due to the search signal.

And this is not the whole list of Yandex services designed to optimize Internet sites in order to increase owners’ profits when promoting them.

Google SEO Services

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No less popular among professional webmasters Google search engine services. They allow you to analyze external links, manage page optimization, identify errors in the operation of resources, etc. Among the most sought-after, one can single out the SEO optimization service Google Search Console, which is essentially an analog of Yandex.Webmaster, because it has a similar set of functions and tools. It is recommended to use it for those who plan to promote their Internet resource in the Google search engine, which is used by a huge number of Internet users. Professional webmasters actively use the following services:

  • Google Analytics, which allows you to determine the success of the advertising campaign, the popularity of the site in social networks, the volume of conversions and attracted traffic, the nature of the target audience and its behavior on the pages;
  • Google My Business, registration on which is necessary for resources that have a mobile application on Android.

Google SEO optimization services are mostly free and useful for promoting a business on the Internet. Even the amateur can understand the intricacies of using them.

10 Awesome Paid SEO Tools That Are Worth the Money

Sometimes it’s not enough Google and Yandex SEO optimization services to promote a site. In this case, it makes sense to use paid tools that have a full range of functions that interest you, and have flexible tariff plans. For instance:

  • Serpstat. A multifunctional service that provides a comprehensive SEO audit and analyzes important for webmasters.
  • The surveyor. It has a unique set of SEO tools that allow you to check positions, select keywords, conduct technical analysis of the site, shorten links, etc.
  • Advodka. Used for traffic analysis and competitor analysis.

It is recommended to resort to paid SEO optimization services if it is necessary to quickly promote a site or optimize it from scratch, which is sometimes necessary for promoting a business.

Additional SEO services for professional webmasters

SEO site optimization should be complete and comprehensive, only this will achieve the goals set for it. During its implementation, additional services of SEO specialists may be useful, which may also be necessary for you, for example:

  • Istio – for working with content;
  • Arsenkin Tools – for re-optimization of sites;
  • Copyscape – to identify plagiarists;
  • AdAll – for competitor analysis.

If you are interested in promotion services or technical support of sites in Moscow or Moscow region, our Internet solutions studio GuruLabs will provide it to you. We have been working in this area for many years and enjoy a well-deserved reputation as a partner you can trust. We offer our customers a full range of services for the implementation of Internet projects of any complexity, in order to increase sales and promote your business on the World Wide Web.

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