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History repeats itself. I finally have my brand new website published on the Internet. I am going to teach it, and of course, what better than to Google it. Maybe I have the unlikely luck of having a unique brand, different from any other, so when I search for it it appears first. But perhaps this is not the case, or the name of my company or brand is too generic.

What happen? “My website is not in Google, my website is not positioned”. “I need to do SEO.”

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Without resorting to Wikipedia : what is SEO?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of improving the visibility of your website pages in search engines like Google. The easier they find you through a search engine, the more people will visit your pages and check your products and services, which is what it’s all about: your business.

But SEO is also the process of building relationships between your website and other websites, and creating content that is interesting for your visitors.

SEO is not magic. Many professionals did SEO before the word existed: a balanced information architecture, a design and content focused on the needs of the visitor and a love for well-made HTML code have always allowed us to position pages correctly.

How can I improve the position of my website in Google results?

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SEO has no trick. The search engine optimization is a process: perseverance and working method. The problem is that the rules that Google uses are constantly changing (algorithm calls it). I’m going to try to give you some tips, without technicalities, that you can use as a checklist in your web project.

Your visitors are people

Who value things well done, good design, good content. Delight your visitors and you will like Google. They will talk about you, they will recommend you, they will link you and Google will know it.

Take care of your content

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They are your greatest asset. The option you have to differentiate yourself from your competition and be useful to your visitors. Forget about commercial and corporate texts. Instead, think about what interests the customer who makes decisions about your product or service. Publish content regularly and amplify your reach through SEO.

By now you will know that having a web “business card” is of little use. You have products to publish it in minutes. Is this really what your business needs?

Finally: 6 practical tips that guide you to the action of improving your SEO

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Practical advice that continues to work for those of you who have a website and want to start SEO and make your business more visible.

01. Optimize your content

You will have read many recommendations similar to:

“Use the most popular keywords in your meta tags (title and description), your URLs, your page title, the contents or the alternative texts of the images.”

Combine it with this recommendation:

“Use the terms that most interest your clients in the titles, links and content to inform and induce action. Be clear, consistent and convey confidence. “

02. First things first

The important thing goes ahead, in your information architecture, in your links, in your titles, in your content. Put first what you consider most important, because if you don’t Google will decide for you.

03. Essential Google tools

So that your decisions are based on data, I propose to start with 3 tools:

  • Google Analytics to measure your results: what percentage of your visitors access through search engines?
  • Google Webmaster Tools to help you optimize and detect errors on your pages.
  • Google Instant to check the validity of a keyword in seconds.

04. More tools

They will seem obvious to you, but you will need them:

  • A paper or digital notebook, like OneNote , to write down your ideas: what can interest my clients?
  • A text editor.
  • An editorial calendar that focuses and organizes your content publishing efforts.

05. Be the fastest in your class

Make your website load fast, very fast. If your content is very visual, try to keep a balance between design and loading speed. Again the search engines will thank you, as will your visitors.

06. If your business is local, take advantage of it

That is, it optimizes. Emphasize the local character of your business. If you sell your products in Pamplona, ​​for example, make your location appear on all your pages and use your location as one more keyword.

  • For example: “ttandem.com” is a bad title.
  • “Web design – ttandem.com” is also a bad title.
  • ” Web design in Pamplona “, is instead a good title.

I hope this summary helps you understand SEO. In future posts we can expand the concepts that have only been outlined here.

If your reading was worth it, don’t forget to share this post.

Do we do SEO?

The importance of SEO for industrial companies

How Important Is SEO in 2018? 4 Trends That Suggest Big Changes

When we talk about  SEO and web positioning we tend to forget about a very important sector: industrial companies. However, like other B2B businesses,  the industrial sector is actively moving towards digitization.

Traditionally, industries refused to use conventional marketing and advertising, since their way of attracting customers was based on “face to face” strategies. However, today it cannot be ignored that digital is here to stay. And the industrial sector is no exception.

It is necessary to adapt businesses to new ways of doing marketing, regardless of the sector they are. Thus, it is increasingly common for companies in the industrial sector to launch their website and use digital marketing strategies, starting with SEO.

The peculiarities of marketing in the industrial sector

The industrial sector has some particularities that force it to work with very specific strategies for its web positioning.

On the one hand, these types of companies usually have very technical content, with complex terms. On the other hand, industrial companies are niche, which implies that the usual advertising and marketing means are not effective in attracting customers.

Thus, other ways need to be found to achieve relevance among your target audience. And SEO is essential in this regard .

There is a fact that we cannot ignore. For years, consumers have been looking for information on the internet to solve their doubts. And the clients of industrial companies are no exception. Therefore, despite the peculiarities of this sector,  working SEO is an excellent opportunity to create content that is positioned  in the first search results.

The importance of SEO in the industrial sector

SEO Industry - Importance of a Good SEO Positioning - Realty Times

B2C companies, aimed at the end consumer, have spent years working on SEO. This has a drawback: today the competition to appear at the top of the search engines is very high.

This drawback becomes an advantage when we talk about industrial companies. Being a much less mature sector in terms of digital marketing,  the competition is very low and the opportunities to position themselves are greater .

Being one of the first to bet on web positioning in this sector guarantees better results with little effort .

On the other hand, the increasing internationalization of industrial companies is a fact. This makes it more necessary than ever to  design a digital marketing strategy that allows you to compete in new markets . And one of the most important aspects in this sense is to focus the actions towards an international SEO.

Niche SEO

How to Do SEO When You're in a Low-Volume Niche

Industrial companies are niche. This means that your target audience has a very high segmentation. It is made up of a group of users with a very homogeneous profile and very specific needs.

Generally, these types of niches do not return a significant volume of monthly searches. However,  those searches can be much more productive to get qualified web traffic and increase conversion.

The keywords for a small niche such as the industrial sector may be technical, but we can also work with other less formal terms or longer phrases (“long tail”). Another keyword strategy is to answer questions. With this technique, it is possible to capture the interest of users who do voice searches, more and more frequent.

Therefore, one of the first objectives is to appear in the first results for the keywords related to the company and for other related terms.

The purchasing cycle in the industrial sector is much longer than in the B2C sector. It can last for months and it involves different people with different degrees of knowledge about the product. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that purchases in this sector are not made for emotional but rational reasons.

Advantages of positioning in the industrial sector

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Industrial SEO should be based on a  quality technical content strategy supported by a keyword study  of a very specific segment. Although it is somewhat complicated, since it is a  medium and long-term job , the objective is to achieve a good brand positioning.

In return, this strategy provides many advantages:

Wide range at low cost

The competition of the keywords to be positioned is low. Thanks to this it can appear in the first results for little cost. On the other hand, this makes it easy to open markets anywhere in the world without making large investments.

Qualified traffic and more conversion possibilities

Positioning technical keywords for the industrial sector has the advantage that the quality of the traffic achieved is very good. This means that most of the people who come to our website will be potential customers.

In summary, SEO in the industrial sector helps to position companies and create a brand image, which facilitates conversions. With an expert SEO team or with the help of a  digital marketing agency  you can take your industrial company to the top.

Do you have a business dedicated to the industrial sector? What strategies do you use to make yourself known to your potential customers? Tell us what difficulties you find to position your company on the Internet.

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