New Book Reveals 12 Powerful Unknown Growth Hacks to Generate Massive Sales for Your CBD Brand Without Relying on Paid Ads and Crush your Major Competitors

But with that said, Here’s a fraction of what you’ll be getting:

1- The fastest little-known growth hacks to grow your CBD sales without relying on Facebook/Google Ads (because they’ll go Willy Wonka over your CBD ads!)

2- How to build powerful sales funnels to triple your AOV within 2 days

4- Have you been doing SEO wrong? And does it really matter ( Not one SEO agency in a thousand even has a clue how to do it the right way)

5- How to ethically steal the customers of your top CBD competitors! (These underground black-hat hacks will crush much larger & more established competitors while you enjoy a myriad of eager customers, all dotting for your brand!)

6- How to advertise on Facebook/Instagram/Google without violating their rules or getting your account banned using the “NOBODY’S GONNA KNOW” method and grow your list like crazy( YES! That’s possible)

7- Exploit powerful Email campaigns to your business’s advantage and elevate the average CBD sales by 10x (Sadly, 99% of CBD business owners have been doing it all WRONG since the beginning!)

8- The most controversial and unconventional way to find influencers without burning a hole in your pockets for exploding CBD sales by 20X & build an automated system (So that you can relax in bliss while the sun shines bright on your CBD business!)

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