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As you probably know by now, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so having a good rank on this channel is a must for your online business. If you are asking yourself how you can achieve this easier, let me tell you that it is not a matter of luck or coming up with stunning ideas.

It is a process of video SEO which enables you to have more visibility and visitors. It covers a bunch of methods, but, in this post, we will just focus on the five most effective and widely used ways to improve your YouTube ranking.

Tip #1: Choose the title wisely

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If you want to improve your video, this is the first SEO step you have to take. Every message you send to your audience, be it an article or a video, has to get your public’s attention through its title which has to be both catchy and suggestive. There are several video SEO aspects that you must take into account when choosing a proper title:

  • Keep it short enough (no more than 70 characters).
  • Include the core keywords.
  • Grasp the very essence of your message. People have to understand what your video is about before actually viewing it.

Tip #2: Focus on good quality

good quality video

This is not an advice. It’s a must for every SEO video. If you really want to get people’s attention and rank better on YouTube, you definitely need to post a quality video. Otherwise, people will simply avoid checking it out even if the content might be really good.

Focus on sound and image quality because it will increase your chances of keeping your public engaged for a longer time and making them share your post.

Tip #3: Thumbnails are an important aspect of video SEO

video seo

Another requirement for a truly great SEO video is using the right thumbnails.

Thumbnails are basically means of advertising the video. They have to be attractive in order to get more attention and relevant enough to support the content.

To get a real SEO video, take into consideration these aspects when choosing thumbnails:

  • Always use high resolution images.
  • Check them on different devices to see how they look.
  • Use thumbnails which contain contrast elements. The background has to be quite different from the front to draw attention quickly.

Tip #4: Mind the keywords

video seo keywords

In order to have a fully optimized video that will rank better on YouTube, you have to enter certain keywords that will trigger SEO results.

Your video will have a short description that aims to tell the audience what its content is about and this is where the keywords have to be included.

Research keywords to see which terms are more popular in order to rank better. You might also include keywords in your video’s transcript.

Tip #5: Add a CTA to your video

video marketing CTA

The last video SEO tip I am about to share is an important step in optimizing written content as well.

Add calls to action to make your audience engage faster. Make it clear that you expect them to react to your video.

YouTube allows you to include such CTAs by adding a clickable button which invites people to share, subscribe or like your content. Nevertheless, don’t rely solely on this for your CTA. Try to also clearly state what your expectations are regarding your audience towards the end of your video.

I hope that now you feel more confident and ready to craft a good SEO video using the tips I mentioned earlier.

If there are any other topics related to video SEO that interest you or if you have any questions on how you could earn money online, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

How To Rank Your WordPress Website

I use SEMRush for my keyword research because it’s fast and easy. As you know Google keyword planner would be the preferred option however they stopped providing keyword data unless you are a Google Ads customer so SEMRush is your best bet and it provides more data than Google.

Keyword Research

Most bloggers myself included initially start off writing content pieces without worrying about keyword research however you can save a lot of time and energy utilizing powerful data from keyword research. This data will show you everything from how many searches a month a certain keyword gets, the competitiveness of the keyword in Google, and Similar keywords you should also It would be great to go straight to the source consider writing about.

I would prefer to use Google for keyword research however the Google Keyword Planner is no longer free. You have to be a Google ads paying customer in order to get cured data from Google. My preferred tool for keyword research is semRush.

I use SEMRush for my keyword research because it’s simple to use,  Provides fast results, and does many other things for my website. I’ll get into the other features later on.

 it starts to get fun when you start analyzing the keyword data that the report spits out. You can start to see what people are searching for, what questions they may have about the topic that you’re writing about, and even who else is writing about the topic and start to spy on their posts.  this will give you a great idea of what users are looking for and even some styling suggestions for your own blog.

Creating The Text Content

I’m not a great writer however I am a good speaker which is why I use my computer microphone inside of Google Docs to write my blog posts and create video scripts. It’s fast, easy, but more importantly, it’s 100% free! Just open a google doc and under the tools tab hit “Voice Typing”.

Once you have your content written, it’s time to use the keyword data we collected earlier.

Creating The Graphics

YouYou can of course Outsource the creation of your blog Graphics but if you’re pretty handy and know how to use the computer here is a free option for graphic design in a web app. it’s called canva and it has built-in templates you can use that will save you hours and hours of time compared to designing your own custom graphics. I would highly recommend canva and it’s what I use to build my blog Graphics that you see on the site.

On-Page Optimization

 Once you have all of your content created for you page or post what you want to do is optimized it  For search engines and for humans. The big thing you want to make sure you do here is whatever keyword you’re trying to rank for make sure it’s in the H1 tag at the top of the page and peppered throughout the article with clothes variations so that Google knows what the content is actually about And ranks you accordingly. You also want to make sure that you have metadata set up inside of your WordPress page or post with yoast SEO which is a free WordPress plugin. Make sure you have an optimized title make sure you have a meta description. buy optimized I mean within the proper character counts for the title and for the meta description

 the optimized title Character count is between 50 and 60 characters. The optimized meta description is between 150 and 160 characters.

Internal Cross Linking

 This is a majorly overlooked element of websites in general. I see this all the time when I’m helping clients with their website and that is  internally cross-linking your website pages. Now this might not sound like a huge deal but there’s many case studies showing the effectiveness of this. You want users to keep consuming your content and not just visit one page and bounce. It’s especially depressing after you’ve worked so hard to make your website and you’re getting organic traffic to a page and then you don’t have links to other relevant pages and users end up bouncing.

 You should scosslink relevant post and Pages based on whatever the current webpage  Topic is about. this sounds pretty mind-boggling and it’s a big task that will take you a bit of time depending on how big your website is and how many pages you have. There are some great options on the market for WordPress users like link whisper which help speed up the process. 

Tracking Your Rankings

How do you know if your website is ranking for a keyword? It’s a great question and most people are confused because Google analytics no longer provides keyword ranking data. One of my favorite tools to track keyword rankings by page is sem rush. It  scans Google search results every day and tells you your ranking by page for each key word that you’re trying to rank for. It’s an invaluable resource and the great thing about websites is that everything on your website is trackable the results are trackable the work is trackable and so you can see the effort paying off in your ranking data.

Studies on Ranking on Page 1 of Google

 Most bloggers think they’re going to throw up a few web pages and Wallah there now ranking number one on Google for keywords. That is simply not how it works however there is still hope. Right now I’m going to show you some of the general guidelines that your post or Pages need to abide by in order to rank on page one in Google.

  •  The average Top10 ranking page is 2+ years old Source: Ahrefs
  • The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. Source: SEMrush
  • Content with at least one image significantly outperformed content without any images. Source: Backlinko
  • Pages from a fast-loading site ranked significantly higher than pages from slow-loading sites. Source: Alexa

Well that’s it!  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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Awesome Works

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