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For many marketers (especially beginners), SEO is a dark forest. As soon as they are faced with the task of collecting semantics or conducting an SEO-audit of the site, the bulk of them fall into a stupor and do not know where to start and what to pay attention to.

It was for such visitors to our School that I prepared a selection of tools and services for all occasions

SEO tools for collecting semantics
7 Things SEO Tools Can't Tell You

Any SEO project starts with a semantic core. I will share with you the tools that I use myself. Yandex Wordstat is a free SEO service. With it, you can select queries taking into account the frequency and region, as well as determine seasonal statistics. Google has a similar service, it is called Google Keyword Planner. He selects options for keywords and ad groups – useful for those who promote their site on Google.

Key Collector is a well-known paid keyword selection program. It helps to work with semantics, find relevant pages, take off positions in the search, determine the seasonality and competitiveness of requests, conduct an express analysis, receive recommendations for relinking. Key Collector is frequently updated and has many settings. It has a free version under the clear name SlovoEb.

Moab is a multi functional online service for collecting semantics, it can group queries, collect semantics based on negative keywords and prompts from Yandex, and check duplicate queries. A lot of semantics import and export settings. Moab will be useful to everyone: from beginners (developers conduct seminars and record training lessons) to professionals. A nice bonus: when registering, you get 10 thousand phrases.

Answer The Public is an interesting free tool that collects user questions on a topic and forms them into separate clusters. Thanks to him, you can understand what questions are of interest to users, and reflect the answers to these questions on the site.

SEO tools for content analysis Content analysis is a very important part of any SEO audit . With the introduction of the Baden-Baden algorithm, one has to pay much more attention to the quality of the content. I hope these services help you.

Advego Plagiatus – a free utility for checking the uniqueness of the text, has two modes of operation: deep check and express check. The desktop version displays the result for two indicators – rewrite and copyright. In the web version, you can check the content by indicators: spelling and semantic analysis, which will show the naturalness of the text.

Text.ru is a well-known online service for comprehensive text analysis. Checks the spelling and uniqueness of the text, does semantic analysis. Of the minuses – sometimes you have to stand in a long line for verification.

eTXT is another popular and perhaps the most functional anti-plagiarism. It knows how to check for uniqueness all pages of the site and images, makes reports, compares texts and checks them for rewrite. Great for complex site analysis. In my opinion, this is one of the best tools in Runet for assessing the quality of content.

Copyscape – needed to search for copies of pages on the Internet. You can make up to 10 queries per day for one domain for free. It will help to identify plagiarism and calculate the uniqueness coefficient of any page on the Internet. There is a paid subscription.

Monitoring and auditing These tools can identify errors on the site and help improve search engine ranking.

Serpstat is one of the most functional SEO services. Can do a lot of things: show duplicate meta tags and pages with missing h1, check site availability indicators, determine site loading speed for various devices, compare site optimization with competitors, analyze link mass. It also works with search queries: collects, groups, distributes the site tree, selects synonyms.

Not free, but I definitely recommend it. In more detail about how to conduct SEO-audit of the site in this service, said Andrey Shestakov.

Siteliner is a free SEO service that will identify duplicates on the network, find incoming and outgoing links, show broken links on the site and calculate the weight of pages by analyzing the linking.

SEO-Browser is a functional free SEO tool for solving technical problems. It will help you “see” your site through the eyes of a search engine, talk about problems with the content of meta tags, JavaScript code and a robots.txt file. The service displays information about the link mass and linking, and also determines the weight of the pages.

SEOSan – SEO-service from Mail.ru with free and paid versions. Track various changes on the site. Prevent indexing of pages with technical errors (tags, server response, robots.txt, etc.)

Xenu is a desktop program that will show the structure of the site and be able to detect errors: broken links, slow pages, non-unique titles, etc. The service will find all outgoing links, tell you where to look for them, and help you create a site map. I use Xenu when it is necessary to find broken and outgoing links on the site, in such cases this tool is simply necessary.

Netpeak Spider – desktop program will check the site for 63 parameters. Here are just a few of them: incorrect redirects, broken links, duplicates of title and description, will analyze outgoing and backlinks for each page, calculate the weight of pages based on resource linking.

Seranking is a multi-functional SEO service that is constantly evolving: Checking the resource for duplicate pages, finding broken links, showing the distribution of link weights across pages, performing technical analysis, being able to accurately and inexpensively take the site’s positions, checking the uniqueness of content, analyzing meta headers , page by page will show server response codes. The service is paid, but there is a demo version of 14 days.

How to do a market analysis for a business plan

Links still play a role in ranking your site, so it’s important to understand what kind of link environment your site and competitors have. I can recommend these tools.

Megaindex.com is a multifunctional SEO-service for full work with the site: assessment of site visibility, analysis of incoming and outgoing links, comparison with competitors and other useful features. Advanced functionality is available in the paid version.

BuzzStream is a paid resource for working with a large number of sites. Simplifies, speeds up and organizes link building. Analyzes site activity and more. It will be useful to marketers, content managers and PR specialists.

Page Weight is an SEO tool for building the right internal linking on a site. It will analyze incoming and outgoing links, help to increase and evenly distribute the weight of pages. Find links that improve internal site optimization. The free version allows you to analyze up to 2000 pages.

Yazzle is a paid application, but it can do a lot: select keywords and phrases in various variations, collect search tips from Yandex and Google, determine the most relevant pages for queries, check pages for uniqueness. Among other functions – analysis of competitors from the top 10 in various slices, checking backlinks and site pages for gluing in Google.

With the right approach, these services will make your site more successful, and will remove from you most of the work that was previously carried out in manual mode.+ But the main thing – remember: tools are tools, but the head on the shoulders is also important.

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