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Most beginner SEO professionals starting website promotion, ask the following questions, which in fact are nothing more than myths and misconceptions.

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Outgoing links to thematically related and non-thematic sites are taken into account by all search engines (PS). You need to understand that outbound links to resources with the same or similar topics are well influenced. It’s important not to overdo it with links, otherwise your site will turn into a link dump in the eyes of ps.

SEO Myth # 2: No need to update the site to maintain its position in the SERP
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With regular updating of the structure and content of your site (for example, replacing outdated material with new, fixing broken links, optimizing the code, etc.), search robots will visit your site more often. In order for your site to maintain a position in the issuance, regularly update it. As experience shows, sites that are rarely updated, lose their position in the issuance, unable to withstand competition with frequently updated resources.

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Links have always had a positive effect on website promotion. But recently, due to the active distribution of link spam, the situation has begun to change. Moreover, not only the purchase of links, but also the use of link building strategies has become ineffective . The owner of the resource cannot be 100% sure that the link leading to the page is of high quality and will not harm the resource. Do not chase the links – this is only a small part of the big picture, on the basis of which the ps has an opinion about your resource. Of course, a large number of relevant links linking to your resource promotes ranking, but these should be natural links.

SEO myth # 4: We create excellent content and our site must be in the TOP of the list

Search engines recognize only the content that is most in demand among users as qualitative. You need to understand that the content of the site must meet quality standards. So, for example, when writing unique texts, one does not need to ignore the rules of grammar and SEO optimization, and it is also necessary to take into account the time intervals for the release of content. And for readers who decide to promote their site by generating quality content, I highly recommend reading a series of great posts on INBOUND marketing.

SEO Myth # 5: Adding Video Promotes Website Promotion Fact
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Website visitors willingly consume video content. However, when choosing this strategy, it is important to understand that adding video to a page can significantly increase the duration of its loading. As a result, user dissatisfaction and a decrease in the position of the site in the issuance. When placing a video on a page, it should be borne in mind that ps algorithms will not be able to recognize its contents, so it is important to use text descriptions with images on the page with the video.

SEO Myth # 6: PR and TITs
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One of the most important indicators for SEO PR and TIC are really good indicators, but at the moment, alas, they have little effect. At one time, these indicators were a kind of measure of page quality in the eyes of PS, responsible for determining the popularity of a page for a specific request and helping the system to show the user the most relevant results. To date, this is no longer relevant, and here’s why: There are no more PR updates and will not, and TIC has little direct effect on that. PR, like TITs, is no longer an indicator affecting the ranking of sites in search results. However, you need to know – these indicators remain relevant when choosing donor sites for linking.

SEO Myth # 7: It’s enough to set up SEO once Suppose, once you have perfectly optimized your resource, and the site has reached the desired position in the SERP
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But then you notice that he begins to lose them. Why? Here are a few possible reasons: – degradation of the reference mass; – lack of new content on the site; – update ps algorithms; – competitors made a better website, and worked better on its promotion; – obsolescence of current content; – accumulation of errors in the site; – server failures.

SEO myth number 8: You must add each page to the index of search engines through AddURL This will not speed up indexing and will not affect the ranking in any way. If you want to reduce the time of indexing, improve the structure of internal links, use XML and HTML site maps and try to exchange links with more authoritative resources. Better yet, “grow” a good Twitter account.

SEO Myth # 9: Keywords meta tag affects ranking
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This meta tag was used by PS even in those days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. PS servers lacked performance for analyzing entire pages. Since then, PS have evolved greatly. In addition, these meta tags were no longer used due to the fact that unscrupulous promoters often added descriptions that were not true to the contents of this meta tag. Google, for example, openly stated that this tag does not affect the ranking at all and there is no point in using it. Despite this, when conducting site analytics, we very often come across even the reoptimized meta tag keywords. In my opinion, at the moment this is more a rule of good tone than an important parameter that affects the ranking.

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In the past, you could use this attribute to control the distribution of link weights and thereby influence the promotion of sites. Currently, as a result of updating the ps algorithms, the weight of such links is not taken into account. And according to some reports, it’s even vice versa – a page with this tag loses some of its weight.

SEO Myth # 11: Meta tags title and description must be present in the snippet
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Many people believe that the contents of the title and descriptions tags will certainly appear in the snippet in the search results. It is not always so. The content of tags is often replaced by fragments of the text of the page (usually this is the first paragraph of the text of the page with the keyword), more relevant to user requests. In some cases, PS use text from external sources, for example, from the anchor text of links.

SEO Myth # 12: The site can only be optimized for Yandex
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Despite the fact that Yandex is the leader in the Russian search market, do not forget about Bing and Google. SEO optimization methods are designed to increase traffic from all search engines and develop sites that are friendly to both visitors and search engines. There are optimization methods that work better for Yandex, but a good SEO campaign should take into account the interests of all the major search engines.

SEO Myth # 13: My site is in the TOP and all problems are resolved!
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For commercial resources, the presence of a site in the TOP does not mean the obligatory availability of sales. Quite often, to increase conversion, you need to do a lot: work on usability, create landing pages, present the product in an original way and much, much more. Moreover, competitors do not sleep, and in order to stay in the TOPs of issuance, you need to conduct daily work to improve and fill the resource with original and sought-after content. You can not stop the site promotion after achieving results.

SEO Myth # 14: Registering a site in directories is of great benefit to the site
Business benefit principles

There is absolutely no difference in which directories you will register your resource: “white”, “gray”, “closed”, “paid”, “free” – placing in all these directories does not bring any benefit to the site. The benefits of these manipulations were in the distant years 2006-2008. Now, alas, other technologies rule the ball. There are two directories in which I would welcome site hosting – these are Yaca and Dmoz . Staying in them indicates a sufficiently high quality of the resource. These sites PS are more loyal. In other words, they have a higher level of trust.

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Links from your site to other (relevant) sites and sites within the same topic will affect the reputation of your site in the eyes of PS. An effective search marketing campaign should include a program for creating links. At the same time, it is important to understand the difference between a purchased and a natural link, because natural links are the most valuable. I hope this post was useful to you, debunked some myths, made some aspects of modern SEO clearer, and will help you in website promotion

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