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It is already a fact that SEO strategies can leverage a company, website or blog.

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These technological practices have the power to well position the portals, thus increasing its visibility.

The goal of SEO strategies is to generate a large number of organic traffic for portals.

You will achieve this feat and much more by putting into action the 10 strategies that we will cite.

They are infallible and run by successful portals, stay on our content now and become the same.

What are SEO strategies

SEO is a technological tool for improving internet portals.

It can be executed on media such as websites, blogs, pages, etc.

Using these improvement strategies you will be well positioned in the portals.

Thus being an option visible to the public.

Acting in this way, the SEO manages to attract more organic traffic to the portals.

Certain organic traffic is an objective of many companies and website or blog managers.

For your better understanding, organic traffic corresponds to the public attracted without paid advertisements.

In other words, it corresponds to the public that checks the content for being found in the media.

To increase your organic traffic continue in our article, as you will know 10 strategies for this goal.

Points that help to position the portal well

You have learned that basically SEO strategies can position your site well.

Thus leaving you in the top positions of the searches with the keyword used.

For your better understanding on the subject, we will quote here what are the points of great importance in SEO.

These points that guarantee the weight to position the portal well, know:

Quality of content

When posting content on your portal using any content management tool, you will come across a quality meter.

The quality of your content should be great, because that way your content will have quality to rank.

Text size

Google also evaluates the size of the content, as the texts in the first positions have a pattern.

According to research and analysis, the texts that occupy the first positions have approximately 2500 words.

It is worth mentioning that this is not a rule, just a tip.

Larger content presents more relevant information for the reader.

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SEO Title

The SEO Title corresponds to the title that appears outside your content.

The title used in that part will be shown to the public when they search for the keyword.

This title is the one that appears on Google, when you do some research.

To position well you need to use a maximum of 55 characters, keyword on the left and objective title.

Flashy and friendly URL

The URL of your content counts a lot when ranking, so be careful to answer these points.

Remember to put the keyword in the URL, it must be short and to the point, it must be related to the text.

Observe these points carefully when publishing your content.

That way the SEO will have quality and you will be well positioned.

10 SEO strategies to use

As we promised, now in our article we will mention the 10 SEO strategies.

These are the ones with the best results.

Here we will quote them and also tell details for you to have a perfect understanding, check out:

# 1- Determine the best keyword

All content and its structure is based on the keyword.

Therefore it has great weight in the content and contributes a lot to position well.

Try to choose the best keyword found on Google Trends.

That way your content will have the best position.

# 2- Pass relevant information

It is not enough to just determine the best keyword and put it into action.

You must pass as much relevant information into your content.

In this way, to guarantee quality and attract more and more readers.

# 3- Know the related keywords

Knowing and using the related keywords in other content.

You’ll be able to guarantee more information to the public and a greater chance of attracting people.

This way you will not deal with just one side of the topic, but with more sides.

# 4- Build a good URL

As we said the URL also attracts the public.

The easier and more objective the URL, the more likely you are to “arrest” the reader.

Because that way he will easily remember how to access the content and will be able to refer to other people as well.

# 5- Delete content with low result

In a portal there is always content that has had little results.

It is worth mentioning that it is not good to show these contents to the public, because if this is happening it is because it does not have high quality.

Try to delete these contents, so the public will find only quality content on its portal.

# 6- Update the contents

Depending on your niche, strategies and information are updated.

You must do the same with your content to maintain your position or even climb higher.

This means that when your content is in the first position, you should not relax.

You must seek to maintain the result.

# 7- Answer Smartphone traffic

Data shows that a large part of the public accesses its contents using a Smartphone.

You must serve this audience, guaranteeing them a complete, uncut and quality page.

For this you must invest in the mobile version of your portal.

So you will attend the audience that comes from Smartphones.

# 8- Good titles and descriptions

There are requirements that must have quality so that the public is attracted.

So pay close attention to the title and attention to the description.

Because it is the requirements that are evaluated by the public before opening the content.

# 9- Meet the visual requirement

Regardless of the form of the content, great attention and quality must be paid to the visual aspect.

The public also evaluates this issue.

Thus, these contents are memorable, shared and well positioned.

# 10- Yoast SEO plugin

Activate the Yoast SEO Plugin on your portal, that way you will have the chance to optimize the maximum of SEO.

Many pages on the internet are using the Yoast Plugin, especially the first ones placed.

These were our 10 SEO strategies for you to execute.

Follow our recommendations and achieve positive results.

How to Win Small Business SEO Customers

50 Small Business Ideas for Anyone Who Wants to Run Their Own Business

Small businesses that are starting out in digital marketing are still learning about advertising tools and the tools to drive results.

Among these, we have the SEO tool, which is a set of strategies that add better results for small companies.

These results are many, but the main thing is to win customers, through the SEO strategies in digital marketing, small businesses will succeed.

Following this line of reasoning, today in our article we will deal with SEO for small businesses, and that way we will teach you how to win customers.

To learn more about SEO strategies and how to win customers, continue with us on this content:

SEO for small businesses:

In digital marketing, a small business like all needs to use the tools to promote itself, among these tools we have those of research.

These search tools are the tools that all consumers use to search for information, products, services, etc.

When searching for a term (keyword) in a search tool a series of sites will soon appear with content, these contents correspond to what he is looking for.

In each link of these sites with content we have a brand, which to appear in the best positions needed to put SEO into action.

So we can understand and affirm that SEO strategies serve to position small businesses well, thus increasing visibility about it.

In this way, the public will always check the portal of that company to check the contents of its niche of interest, and providing the necessary content the company will win over that person.

Anyway, as soon as SEO rules work in terms of winning over customers, but to achieve this feat we need to know which strategies to put into action.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that SEO strategies bring organic results, that is, it does not work as paid ads.

Conquer customers with SEO:

SEO is a compound of strategies highly used by companies that need organic traffic, these are E-commerce stores, websites, blogs, etc.

Using SEO in content, small businesses are able to position portals well, thereby increasing sales, traffic and winning customers.

But before knowing the strategies that will bring these results, you need to know the definition of this functionality:

SEO for Portuguese means (Optimizing search engines), which, as we already said, corresponds to some simple techniques to well position some portals.

This tool does not need to be downloaded, it corresponds to the strategies that will be put into action in the contents.

SEO places the portals well in the following search tools: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Putting this functionality that adds quality into action, small companies will be able to compete with large companies.

And it is worth mentioning that if the small company puts SEO strategies into perfect action, it will achieve better performance in terms of organic traffic.

For your better understanding on the subject check out the SEO strategies to win customers:

Strategies to win customers with SEO:

Now at last we are going to pass on the best strategies for small businesses to be able to win customers with SEO.

These strategies are put into action by companies with expertise in the subject and so you can become one.

Without further ado, the SEO strategies to win customers in small businesses are:

Do keyword research:

The so-called keyword is the main factor in SEO strategies, and you will have to know them to make use of them.

The keywords are terms searched by the people who make up your niche, so you will have an idea about what people search for.

To search for keywords you need to use Google Trends , with this Google mechanism you will be able to know the most relevant keywords in your niche.

Knowing these terms used by people in the public you can work with a focus on them, this will be done through the creation of content.

That way people will search for the terms in the search tools and you will be found.

Get to know Google Search Console:

This is a Google tool for small businesses that work with SEO techniques to position themselves well.

Using Google Search Console they help the company to monitor traffic, search performance of the site, correct problems, etc.

With Google Search Console you will know the position of your site on Google, and whenever you improve your SEO you can check whether it has gone up or not.

This tool offers a broader view of your SEO strategies on portals.

To see Google Search Console click here .

Metadata basics:

Knowing the basics about metadata is essential for you reader who works with content creation and management software, such as WordPress .

When using tools of this type you should know:

Title tags – corresponds to the title shown in the search rankings, in the SEO rules it is a requirement of great importance on the information of the page.

Meta description – corresponds to the short description presented on your website, many people read it before opening the website, they appear below the portal link.

Image title – as the name says, the image title corresponds to the name you give to the images of your content.

Work the keywords:

Now that you know the keywords, you need to put them into action in all your actions on the portal, as they help to position the portal well.

Work on keywords with a focus on portals that bring more traffic, so that you can win people over.

But it is worth mentioning that you cannot overwork the keywords, as this ends up hindering the quality of the content.

Make proper use.

Build Backlinks:

This is an act that adds greater visibility to your portals and helps you win customers.

Building backlinks consists of building relationships with companies and Google sites, in order to encourage them to link to your site.

You can do this with companies, where you do an analysis of their product, and you can ask them to link to your website when they publish about the product.

These were some SEO strategies for small businesses to win customers.

Put all activities into action, that way the company will achieve this desired achievement.

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