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To break into the first positions in the search, companies hire entire teams of SEOs, build strategies, “play” with ranking algorithms and, most importantly, pay a lot of money for promotion.

But what if you do not have enough resources yet and you only have to dream about good SEO-specialists? In no case do not refuse free traffic from search engines! After all, you can cope with some ranking factors yourself.

Ranking Factor No. 1. Title and Description
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The title and description of the page is the first thing that search engines and people who come to your site with their help see. When you immerse yourself in SEO, these meta tags become something very understandable, simple and natural. Therefore, when companies turn to us that do not even have them on the site, we immediately understand that there is a problem with optimization.

The description may not be available not only on very young or, conversely, old and abandoned sites. It happens that it is not on the resources of companies that have full-time seoshniki. True, not very honest.

Why does no one reveal their deception? Because the owners simply do not know how to do this. And this, by the way, is easier than ever and it’s not necessary to even get into the code.

To check if your site has a title and description, open Google Chrome and install the SEO META in 1 CLICK plugin . It is not the only one of its kind, but many use it in Lidmashin.

After installation, open the main page of your site and click on the icon that appears in the browser – you will see a window with a description. This is how it, for example, looks like in an article about A / B testing , published in Training last week. I recommend reading, by the way.

The only negative of this plugin is that it does not show the key. This article is “A / B Testing”.

Please note that the keyword is at the beginning of the Title – this is what the search engines themselves recommend. Length is also important: the plugin tells you that Title should contain between 30 and 65 characters. If the title of your page does not contain a key, it does not have enough characters or, conversely, too many, we recommend that you refine it.

In Description, you also need to add a key. And there is also a character limit. SEO META in 1 CLICK offers a description of no more than 320 characters, but we recommend staying at 170-200 – so users will have a better chance of reading the entire text.

Ranking Factor No. 2

Heading H1 and Subheadings H2 — H6 The story with H1 is similar to the story with Title and Description: if there is no title, then with SEO everything is bad and this can be seen with the naked eye. You can also check through SEO META in 1 CLICK, in the Headers tab. There you will see if you have subtitles H2 — H6 on the page.

These tags are important because:

their search engines also browse first;

they help to increase the relevance of the page to a specific query, or, more simply, to get on this query in the top results. For this to happen, just add the keys to the heading and subheadings.

For example, in the article from the screenshot above, the key was “ SEO site audit ”. See how Andrew wrote it not only in H1, but also in other tags? This is the right approach.

Ranking factor No. 3 The lack of duplicates

So far we have checked only the main page. But this is a minimum program. We repeat the procedure on all pages of the site: we look for whether meta descriptions, headings, texts or other content are duplicated somewhere.

Nothing should be repeated. Otherwise, you will confuse the robots and deprive yourself of an additional page in the search, because in the end, out of two pages with repeating information, the search engine will show in the output only one – the most relevant one.

Ranking Factor No. 4. Text Uniqueness

Finding the person who writes the texts for the site is simple. Thanks for the freelance exchanges. But finding an adequate, mandatory, competent person who writes texts for the site is much more difficult. Because thousands of copywriters are sitting on the same exchanges, ready to offer you very cheap texts in a short time.

But what are these texts? Most likely, they will be non-unique. And not unique in terms of services like Text. ru or Advego, neither from the point of view of ordinary people. Which of these search engines do not like anymore is difficult to say. Therefore, make sure that the author writes the text specifically about your company and does not write it off from others.

Ranking Factor No. 5. Text structure

Both humans and robots do not like the “wall of text.” Give everyone subtitles, pictures, blocks and a certain number of words in a sentence. We already figured out the subtitles, and Sasha Skazchenko told about other ways to tear down the wall of the text .

Ranking factor number 6. Text optimization

Text optimization is the placement of keywords within the material itself, with the goal of making it more relevant.

Relevance is good. But the relevant text is not necessarily the one in which the key phrase is repeated through the word. If you write material on a given topic, then the key phrase in any case will appear there with the necessary frequency, without any sophistication. For example, the key to this article is “ranking factors,” but I have never added this word on purpose.

If it’s nevertheless important for you to apply mathematical precision to the text, be guided by two rules:

Put higher-frequency keywords at the beginning of the text;

Add the key no more than 500-1000 characters. Otherwise, you may be punished by “Baden-Baden” – an algorithm that does not allow rise to the issuance of spammed texts.

Ranking Factor No. 7. Image Weight

Website loading speed is one of the most important ranking factors. And it, in particular, is affected by the weight of the images. Therefore, when developing a site, it is important to think not only about the quality of the images, but also about their size. “Heavy” images can seriously affect the download speed, so be sure to optimize their weight.

You can check the download speed using the PageSpeed ​​Insights service . Among other things, if you have problems with pictures, you will see a similar message and a list of non-optimized images.

Correcting the situation is simple. Firstly, you can manually compress images using the TinyPNG , Kraken or similar service. Secondly, if your site is made on WordPress, you can use one of the plugins recommended by the system.

Ranking Factor 8. Alt Attribute

From services like Yandex. Very few users come to Images or Google Images – less than 1%. But this does not eliminate the need for an alternative description and image title. They increase the relevance of the page to the query and help the user understand what is displayed on the page if it does not suddenly load to the end. Therefore, in the alt-attribute you need to add not only the key, but also a brief description of what is shown in the picture.

Ranking factor number 9

The lack of purchased links Do not buy links! Do not!

If you are not a cool specialist who knows how to work with this subtle matter of not quite honest promotion, the absence of purchased links will become a positive ranking factor for your site.

By the way, if contractors offer you to purchase links, but you are not sure of their competencies, you should not agree either. You can do a lot of things and only hurt yourself.

The site needs external links, of course, but it’s better to get them naturally through forums, otzoviks, online media and blogs. You can act as an expert and share your opinion on a topic. For example, our CEO Sasha Vyushkov told Modulbank how we work with interns in Lidmashin.

You can also publish good cases on behalf of the company on third-party sites. Here we have told Cossa how to revitalize the online marketing of a seed store .

If you have good content, then gaining third-party sites is easier than it sounds. If not, then you should get one. It will help make friends with many ranking factors.

We will help with SEO and not only.

How you can influence ranking factors without a seoshnik

Social Influence - Psychologist World

So to summarize. To influence the site’s position in the SERP, you yourself can:

The Leader's Challenge: Knowing What To Do When You Don't Know ...
  • Write Title, Description, title Н1 and subtitles Н2 — Н6
  • Check the site for duplicates and replace them if necessary
  • Create a unique text with a good structure
  • Optimize text without sacrificing meaning
  • Check if the weight of the images on your site affects its loading, and if it does, fix it
  • Prescribe alternative descriptions for pictures: include a key in them and tell what is actually shown on them
  • Do not buy links (!), This will positively affect the ranking
  • Work on getting natural links.

If everything is ok on all of the items listed on your site, then here’s a big checklist with another 165 ranking factors. He will definitely not be bored. True, to work out most of the seoshnik still needed

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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